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Episode 95: Poison Ivy & Lux Interior

Poison Ivy and Lux Interior photographed by Michael Lavine

When hearing the story of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy Rorschach one thing is abundantly clear – these two we’re destined to be with one another. While both were attending Sacramento State in the early 70’s it was a chance encounter off campus that led to their introduction. As Ivy said “I was a teenage hitchhiker and he gave me a ride. He’s been giving me a ride ever since.”

Within a fortnight the pair had shacked up and their equal passion for rock n roll became their life. Discovering old 50’s rockabilly sounds that seemed to be long forgotten, the pair knew it was their mission to bring back the gritty side of rock n roll. They packed up, moved to NYC and formed a band, The Cramps.

While managers, labels and bandmates would come and go, Lux and Ivy’s passion and determination were relentless. Ivy would act as manager, muse AND lead guitarist for the majority of the bands 30+ year career. They would perform over a thousand live shows, tour around the world and release 8 studio albums, their career only ending due to an unexpected death.

For those wanting to learn even more check out the FANTASTIC book Journey to the Center of The Cramps by Dick Porter for more fun stories and facts on not only The Cramps but those who both played with and influenced them.

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