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Episode 94: Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley, Photo Credit Unknown

This episode is for anyone who is truly curious about what it was like to live beside the KING- Elvis Presley. In her amazing memoir, Linda Thompson writes: “As the adage goes, you don’t really know someone unless you live with them. Only two women ever actually lived with Elvis. I was one of them”.

Chanty read the incredible book A Little Thing Called Life On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and Songs in Between by Linda Thompson, and presents it to you in this week’s episode. Linda is not only the author of this outstanding book and one of the few elite woman to have shared time and love with Elvis; she is a songwriter, lyricist, actress, mother and a grandmother! We can only hope that one day we get the opportunity to interview her!

If you would like never-before-heard information about the hunka hunka burnin love himself, tune in today to get all the adorable- and sometimes a little bit squeamish- deets.

Linda tells her remarkable story with candour, grace and humility. She waited until just recently to release her memoir as a sign of respect towards her relationships- these people who she shared so much of her life and love with. Linda held onto her story until she carved out her own path, waiting decades, so that that her inclusion of the Elvis years in Rock and Roll history would carry more dignity and credibility. Enjoy the show!