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Episode 9: Male Groupies

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Jimmy Page and Cameron Crowe, 1975

Chanty invites her brilliant doll-friend Andrea Holz over as a guest on the Musecast this week. They shake things up by discussing the MALE GROUPIES of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Andrea Holz is a writer, actor and producer working on her own web series called That’s Why I Like Her. She’s a bad assed, confident chick just like our legendary muses. Andrea goes after what she wants and is PROUD OF IT. Andrea and Chanty met through Miss P’s Toronto Dolls- a group of ladies in Toronto who love Pamela Des Barres and who are passionate and artistic in their own right.

In this episode, Chanty and Andrea “take rock ‘n’ roll by the balls” and delve into why people are afraid of the word GROUPIE. They (eventually) get to the Groupies of the episode which include Cameron Crowe, Danny Fields, Rodney Bingenheimer and a dude named Pleather!

Chanty and Andrea also discuss how there are certain levels of Groupiedom. They make the arguement that if you have ever supported a band and worn their t-shirt down the street, then baby, you are a Groupie too!

Some Rock ‘n’ Roll trivia you will learn is how Cameron Crowe married HEART front-woman, Nancy Wilson, that Chanty’s bff Carmen Townsend toured with them (!) and how Danny Fields and Rodney Bingenheimer were fans turned rock ‘n’ roll personalities catapulting rock stars such as Jim Morrison, the Ramones, Blondie and Iggy Pop into mega stardom.

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