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Episode 88: The Muses at Sun Studio

In August we had the great pleasure of heading down to Memphis and doing a tour of the legendary Sun Studio. With Elvis acting as our guardian angel, that tour turned into a late night, after hours recording session with Daniel Hall and Ples Hampton.

Daniel and Ples were the most amazing hosts AND guests, making us feel welcome and sharing their insight and knowledge on Sun Records history, amazing women such as Marion Keisker and Barbara Pitman who greatly contributed to Sun Studios past and about the first all female radio station Sam Phillips created in the 1950’s.

They also share some personal stories about what it’s like to work at Sun Studio, the magic of recording there and recommend some great local emerging artists. You’ll also get to hear the story of how our podcast Muses was born!

After the miss were off the fun kept going, the magic continued and you’ll be able to see some of the adventure when we release our travel video!

You may have recently seen Sun Studio in the news thanks to a visit by Mick Jagger and Jerry Lee Lewis. After all these years the place is still a hub for amazing talents and legendary recordings. Revisiting this was an absolute delight and certainly a night we will never forget. Thanks to Daniel and Ples for inviting us to record and for all your great stories! We look forward to our next chat.

You can check out Daniel’s music here & keep with with Sun Studio on Twitter & Instagram.

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