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Episode 87: Erin Everly, Stephanie Seymour & The Rocket Queen

Axl Rose and his band Guns n Roses may have been a well known name on Sunset Strip but the band had yet to cut a full length record when he met model Erin Everly. The two became inseparable however right from the start friends could see it wasn’t the healthiest relationship. Their time together would inspire many of Guns n Roses most well known songs, but the volatile nature of their relationship would overcome any good that was there.

After their split Axl would meet another model, Stephanie Seymour and repeat past behaviours. Stephanie would also serve as a muse, starring in two of GNR’s most famous videos, November Rain and Don’t Cry, but their time together would be short lived and lead to an onslaught on court battles for Rose.

Then there’s the Rocket Queen(s). Barbie Von Grief was a wild child who would inspire the entire band early in their career. Her continual support as a friend would encourage them to chase their dreams no matter how tough times got. She co-wrote a song that would later only be dedicated to her – Rocket Queen- but it was another woman, Adriana Smith, who would be featured in the song in quite a unique way. Listen to learn more!

You can find the youtube video we discuss here.