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Episode 86: Molly Johnson & The Kensington Jazz Festival

Attention all music lovers! Canadian Jazz Legend Molly Johnson has been hard at work with her incredible team to make this years Kensington Jazz Festival the best one yet. Going into their third year this extra special music festival keeps growing stronger with a whopping 300+ musicians bringing their talents to one of Toronto’s greatest neighbourhoods.

Three days, one hundred and Fifty performances, this festival is born from music lovers FOR music lovers. You won’t find any advanced tickets here, Molly wants you to come down, roam around, find what speaks to your soul and enjoy live music the way it’s meant to be, as a shared experience.

We had the great pleasure of talking with Molly not only about the festival but Molly’s latest album Meaning to Tell Ya, her thoughts and observations on how the music industry have shifted over the past few decades and the importance of valuing ourselves as girls and women, as we are and as we age. It was such a pleasure to talk with Molly and we cannot wait to continue the conversation in the future!

The Kensington Jazz Festival will run the weekend of September 14th-16th. You can check out the Kensington Jazz Festival website for details on the artists and set times, they even have an easy mobile phone schedule you can download! You can also stay updated with news by following the festival on Twitter and Instagram. And remember, it’s not too late to VOLUNTEER!!! We hope to see you there!

Do yourself a favour and also check out Molly Johnson’s latest album Meaning to Tell Ya, it’s been my summer soundtrack!