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Episode 85: Interview with Britta Lee Shain

Britta Lee Shain is a musician, activist and author of the book Seeing the Real You At Last: Life and Love on the Road with Bob Dylan. We loved her book and after talking to her, we can say that she is smart, funny, fascinating and totally magical. Yes, Britta has had an intimate relationship with Bob Dylan, and in one of our favourite books we’ve ever read, she writes about that experience.

We had the opportunity to interview this amazing woman who was first impressed with Elvis Presley at the age of 7, quickly becoming a member of the Elvis Presley Fan Club. She considers herself a Rolling Stones girl and has had hilarious and synchronistic encounters with Steve McQueen and Frank Zappa.

Britta’s master thesis is published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology, and has written an article called In the Defence of Yoko Ono which we of course get into. When we asked Britta what her biggest accomplishments were, she said that they are, surviving her childhood, surviving Bob Dylan, and her enduring marriage to her husband of 25 years.

When we caught up with Britta she was relaxing in nature somewhere in California and dedicating her time and energy to politics and environmental issues. Be sure to check out post cards to voters which she mentions in the episode. Britta is co-producing 3 benefit concerts for rock the vote AND Making music. Her latest CD is called What the Heart Wants, and we suggest you go to her website and buy it right right now!

If you would like a personally signed first edition books on her website http://brittaleeshainbooksandmusic.com

And one last thing, when she was in a relationship with Bob, he was on tour with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and in this interview, she tells us all about it. Like time Bob asked her to make his set list and she put something on that surprised the Heartbreakers. You don’t want to miss this one.

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