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Episode 84: Grace Slick

Grace Slick photographed by Herb Greene, 1966

Grace always knew she wasn’t meant for a more “conventional” lifestyle, but it wasn’t until she began seeing live music and started her own band that she finally felt she’d found her destiny. When her bandmates in The Great Society decided to find their own path, Grace was asked to join her friends in the already popular Jefferson Airplane. Grace was well known for her outspoken and badass ways onstage, and audiences loved them. Their music filled the airwaves from the ’60’s – ’80’s (and then some!) and their presence at 3 of the biggest and most notorious music festivals (Monterey Pop, Woodstock and Altamont) solidified their place in music history. It was a wild ride and Grace embraced all that the 60’s has come to be known for, free love (wait until you hear her Jim Morrison story!), drugs and a whole lotta rock n roll!  Tune in to hear Grace’s rock n roll journey!

You can check out Grace’s artwork over at www.areaarts.com/grace-slick/ & check out her memoir Somebody to Love? for more stories!