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Episode 82: Interview with Alice Carbone Tench

Photo Courtesy Alice Carbone Tench

This week we have the pleasure of talking with Alice Carbone Tench. Alice is an author, blogger, mother, amateur cook and a rock-wife! We’ve been a fan of Alice from the day we discovered her incredible online presence, and have been reading everything she puts out and watching her Instagram stories ever since. Alice is kind, funny and vulnerable which makes her relatable and captivating to her growing audience.

In this episode we talk about the love of creating and persevering, putting out content while being true to your self and building an authentic audience. We get to know Alice a little bit more and found out that she learned how to speak English through listening to Nirvana. Not only that, she discovered Leonard Cohen that way! Speaking of the Canadian legend, Alice tells us some extremely wise words that Leonard Cohen himself once told her. We talk about her journey from a town in the Alps to Los Angeles, the 5 languages of love and MUCH MORE!

Did we mention that Alice was ahead of the podcasting game and is familiar with interviewing people herself? That’s right! Tune in to find out about some incredible people she had the chance to speak with. Let’s just say that there’s an adorable story about an unreciprocated crush that turned into meeting the love of her life, Benmont Tench.

Alice may not realize it, but her words and her work are healing. Whether is be through sharing her love-filled recipes or opening up about her past and her present through her incredible writing- be sure to check her out.

Find Alice on her website http://www.alicecarbone.com/

On Instagram @ladyfromthealps

And Twitter @ladyfromthealps