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Episode 78: Groupie Tales

Lynx is back from London and she has some tales! She tells Chanty about her whirlwind adventure in England which includes going to a Rolling Stones concert and meeting a 70 year old Pearl Jam Groupie! The girls also discuss their joining with the Rock N Roll Archaeology network! Check out their website and all their fantastic and diverse music related shows. There’s something for every music fanatic out there. www.rocknrollarchaeology.com

Chanty and Lynx start a new segment called Groupie Tales where they share stories of love and admiration for a musical group. Do you have a funny backstage story? How many tour buses have you been on? Let us know!

The episode finishes off with the girls quizzing each other on some Rock & Roll Trivia. Do you know who whispers “Quite Rightly” on Donovon’s hit single Mellow Yellow? What about the person who was supposed to sing backing vocals with Mick Jagger on Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain? Play along with us and have some fun listening to to this week’s episode!