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Episode 77: Jacqueline and Pete Doherty

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Pete Doherty photographed by Dean Chalkley

This is the story of Pete Doherty told from the perspective of his mother Jacqueline. Why would a mother write a book called Pete Doherty: My Prodigal Son with the subtitle Every mother’s Nightmare… A Child Off the Rails? She says “It’s balm to a hurting heart. I hope this book does the same for aching hearts everywhere” We’re talking about the Drugs in Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, and it’s a sad story told by a devoted mother- a nurse from Liverpool who wants to raise awareness for addiction and mental health while setting the record straight.

This is our second episode by a rockin mother- our first being the lovely Agnes DeMarco (check out her interview- Episode 22) who has been the biggest supporter of her son Mac and a sincere and genuine friend to his fans for many years. This story is a much, much different tale. You’ll hear some great music in this show, including a little Mac DeMarco and a lot of Libertines and Babyshambles.

Chanty gives Lynx and the listeners a timeline of Pete Doherty’s musical career, beginning with his life as a child told through the eyes of his mother. What was little Pete like? How did he meet Carl Barat and how long was he actually in prison? What was his home-life like? Jacqueline sets the record straight and address things that the press got wrong when they wrote about “The biggest drug addict in Britain”.

Jacqueline writes: “Mine is a mothers tale. If you were looking for sleaze and shocking stories, then this has not been the book for you and I am sorry if it has left you feeling cheated. But I am hoping that you may just have been able, through my simple story, to understand a little of what goes on behind the headlines that you read. Peter may never become a pennant prodigal. He may never turn from his present lifestyle and may never have true peace in his heart. He may never know the forgiveness of God but, whilst I have breath in my body, I shall continue to pray for him, whether he wants me to or not. Until then, he’ll remain:

Peter the drug addict

Peter the prisoner

Peter the errant father

Peter the poet

Peter the prolific writer

Peter the singer

Peter my prodigal son.”