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Episode 74: Vivian Cash

Johnny and Vivan Cash in their home. Photo Credit: Michael Ochs Archive

She was the world’s “first lady of country music” and it’s time that she tells her story. Today Chanty presents you the life of Vivian Cash.

“The truth is, I have only recently begun to feel the grace and reconciliation of making sense of what happened to our marriage. And now, with Johnny’s blessing, I would finally have what I longed to have for so many years in his shadow: a voice of my own to tell the world the truth”.

First, Chanty talks about a few podcasts she’s listening to right now including The Blume Saloon whose killer tunes actually inspired the girls this week to add in a little music. You might be shocked at how many Blume Saloon episodes she has binged in the last few weeks. We also discuss the new podcast Single AF hosted by Sharise Neil and Donna D’Errico. If those names sound familiar, it could be because you know them from the TV show Ex wives of Rock. They talk about dating in 2018… and it’s hilarious.

If you don’t already know much about Vivian Cash, you may have gotten some information from her portrayal in the 2005 movie Walk the Line. You may recall that she was not painted in a positive light whatsoever, but rather as the unsupportive, nagging wife serving only as a foil for June. This could not have been farther from the truth. We discuss her memoir “I Walked The Line: My Life with Johnny” where she finally gets to share her side of the story. With Johnny’s blessing and encouragement, Viv wrote her memoir which includes the time she met Johnny Cash, their marriage, their divorce and all of the letters Johnny to wrote her when he was stationed in Germany. She was emotionally, physically and spiritually destroyed throughout Johnny’s battle with drugs, alcohol and infidelity but found reconciliation, forgiveness, and finally peace throughout her life and writing process.

We talk about their beautiful story of young love, and hope that we did Vivian justice in spreading the message of her legacy. She was a devoted wife, mother and Christian who loved animals and her community. We think you’re going to really like this one!

You can check out the Blume Saloon here: www.theblumesaloon.com and on Facebook and Instagram by the same name