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Episode 7: Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Elvira Photographed by Pete Bleyer

On this weeks episode Chanty meets up with her long time friend Drew Demers in Peterborough, Ontario for a SPOOKY HALLOWE’EN recording!

Chanty tells Drew the story of Cassandra Peterson, better known to most as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! Before Elvira was the spooky sexy horror hostess, she was sweet Cassandra- the virgin Groupie from Kansas. Drew travelled from Montreal to Peterborough to not only record an episode, but to play a GAGNER reunion show after an 8 year hiatus and 10 years after their first album recording. GAGNER is a beloved band with Peterborough origins, and the group with whom Chanty got her original Groupie start.Recording from the most spooky hotel in town, the two Nanobot Record Co-op alums reminisce about the infamous parties they had, gush over Raymond from The Famines and drop the word “harlot” more times than is necessary.