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Episode 64: Rita Rae Roxx

This week Chanty presents the story of Rita Rae Roxx based on her book Once Upon a Rock Star: Backstage Passes in the Heavy Metal Eighties – Big Hair, Bad Boys (and One Bad Girl). This book is FUN FUN FUN and so is this episode, so listen up!

Rita, who would be come to know as “Rockin’ Rita” had the key to Omaha City, Nebraska and loved showing rock stars a great time when they rolled into town. Rita began going to shows when she was a young teenager, coming up with brilliant plans to get her backstage and into the arms of her desired musician.

Rita is another one of our amazing trailblazers, a sex positive woman who went after what and who she wanted! Once she set her eyes on someone she made it her mission to go after him. Who might we be talking about? Anyone from members of Ozzy Osbourne‘s band to David Lee Roth, the lads in Def Leppard and even Paul Stanley! But we don’t want to spoil it, and we’re sure you’ll be surprised at some of the rock stars that appear on this wild ride.

From Rita’s accounts, Chanty and Lynx get some real insights and understanding into what it was like rockin’ with musicians in the 80s and Chanty even learned something new about Tom Petty!

We adored this book, and one thing is for sure, Rita left us wanting more!