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Episode 48: Mayte Garcia

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Mayte Garcia & Prince performing in London. Photographed by Peter Still, 1995

By the time Mayte Garcia was 16 she’d had her whole future planned out. Belly dancing professionally since she was just 3 years old, Mayte knew she belonged in Cairo where all the great belly dancers perform. But when her family decided to catch a Prince show while on vacation… all of that changed. Encouraged by her family, Mayte sought out the tour, with a video of her dancing in hand with the hopes that she could get it to Prince. She succeeded of course, which led to a deep friendship and a job with the man himself.

Lynx tells Chanty all about Mayte’s early years with Prince as well as when their friendship shifted into a bona vide relationship. Mayte was much more then just a girlfriend and wife. She was a partner, collaborating with Prince on many different projects throughout their time together. While they had many beautiful years together a shift began after the loss of their son Amiir who was born with Pfeiffer’s Syndrome Type 2. Both would deal with this loss in different ways, with Prince soon turning to religion for answers. When he became immersed in the Gospel of Jehovah and Mayte didn’t follow suit, another woman from his study group entered Prince’s life. Eventually the pair would divorce, with Mayte moving forward in LA. She has been acting and dancing ever since, is now mother to her adopted daughter Gia and runs Mayte’s Rescue, a charity which helps abandoned and abused dogs find happy homes.

Even though they weren’t together in the end, Mayte knows their love was fate, and that they will meet again in another life. “He was my family. His love lives on in me. “Never say gone, never say gone” my husband told me over and over in those terrible days after our son died. With Gia in my arms, I hear his voice in my heart and know as surely as I know my name that I will see my love again.”

You can check out Mayte's charity at http://maytesrescue.com/