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Episode 44: Ginger Alden (Elvis Month Part 3)

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Elvis Presley & Ginger Alden, Photo Courtesy Ginger Alden

Elvis and Ginger tells the story between Ginger Alden and Elvis Presley over the course of 9 months before his death. Ginger granted very little interviews over the years and has saved the intimate details of their relationship until this book. What was it like getting swept up into Elvis’ world? Listen in this week to find out as we finish off our 3 episode special based on this amazing book for Elvis Month!

Elvis and Ginger met in 1976 when Elvis was looking for a girlfriend and requested to meet Miss Tennessee who happened to be Ginger’s sister! When a phone call came in from Graceland requesting Terry’s presence at Graceland, the girls were a little bit concerned about the late hour and asked if all 3 sisters could go. From that moment on the Alden’s lives would change for every and the next 9 months would be an absolute whirlwind.

Ginger recounts Elvis’ sincere generosity, being loved by a difficult man whose goodness and giving spirit outweighed any faults as well as accounts of all the family, friends and staff who worked and stayed at Graceland. We clear up some misconceptions about Elvis’ life at this time (was he depressed?), what about those TV’s that he shot, the tantrums, the drugs? Ginger weighs in on what she saw and experienced and you might be surprised by what you learn (including the time Ginger’s FATHER met Elvis in the 50s, Elvis’ spirituality and alternative healing methods and hanging out with Roy Orbison!)

This is a truly beautiful story of love between a young woman who was chosen by the King to be his next wife, unfortunately Ginger would never be able to re-do the home together like they planned or have his next child. Sadly, he passed on August 16th, 1977 and Ginger (NOT his manager, Joe) was the one to find him.