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Episode 41: Interview with Sass Jordan

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Sass Jordan

The air changes when Sass Jordan walks into the room. This woman is electric. Sass and the Muses got on like a house on fire! Our energies were so in tune that our microphone cut out a few times, but don’t worry, you still hear all of Sass’s stories. And boy does she have some fun ones!

More than likely, you already know her name and no introduction is necessary! But we’ll give you one anyways because it bears repeating: Sass Jordan is a LEGEND. Raised in Montreal with a career spanning almost 30 years, she truly is Canada’s Queen of Rock. She is the epitome of everything we LOVE about Rock n Roll!!

Her accomplishments are many. From her wildly successful albums (the first one being released in 1998!), a recipient of a Juno award and many nominations, 7 studio albums and tours with some of the most legendary musicians- she has even played with one of Chanty’s most favourite bands- The Foo Fighters! Sass will soon be releasing Racine Revisited marking the 25th anniversary of the original release! She has been an actor on the show “Sisters” and was the judge on Canadian Idol for all 6 seasons.

In this episode, you’ll hear us freak out about chakras (by the way- you HAVE to check out www.chakraboosters.com), meeting your idols and what happens when that turns our to be AWESOME, Denise Donlon kicking ass, and getting rocked by Steven Tyler– literally. We discuss the power of cycles and what it was like to hang out with Van Halen for two months.

Sass Jordan is a knockout- beautiful inside and out and we can’t wait to speak with her again about her incredible life and career.

You can find Sass online at www.sassjordan.com

On Instagram @sass.jordan and Twitter @sassjordan

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