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Episode 38: Interview with Vanessa Heins

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Vanessa Heins Photographing Carly Rae Jepsen

Vanessa Heins is a Rock and Roll photographer but she’s not just someone who takes photos of bands. She’s a fan, a friend and a creative individual in her own right. She is a true artist.

Vanessa is the in house photographer for The Strombo Show/ House of Strombo and has shot countless Canadian legends such as Joel Plaskett, The Sheepdogs, Rich Aucoin, Yukon Blonde, Mac DeMarco, Metric and Carly Rae Jepson to name a few. By checking out her work online you’ll also see countless Fashion magazine shoots and more amazing musicians like Elvis Costello, Father John Misty, The Kills and so much more! We dare you to check out her work and not get lost for hours!

When Vanessa came by to record this episode, it was so clear to see how her subjects open up to her, feeling comfortable and confident in her presence. She strikes a beautiful balance between professionalism and friendship which makes us want to spend MORE time with her! Vanessa is an essential part of the music that is being made, capturing intimate backstage moments that Groupie dreams are made of! Vanessa is a part of our Rock and Roll present while capturing the moments that are making Rock and Roll history.

Listen to this episode to find out about the woman behind the lens. Vanessa tells us about the first concert she went to, the BEST concert she went to (he has SO MANY HITS!!), memorable musicians she’s photographed, photographers she admires, the difference between public and private lives of artists and getting them to open up, camaraderie in the business and living your passion while putting out something positive in the world. We think you’re going to really like this episode and won’t be surprised when you fall in love with Vanessa like we did. Her aim is true!

You can find Vanessa online at www.vanessaheins.com

On Instagram @vanessaheins and Twitter @VanessaHeins