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Episode 37: Jo Wood

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Ronnie and Jo Wood Photographed by Brian Aris

This week episode is all about the magnificent Jo Wood! When Jo met Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood at a party in 1977 she thought he was ridiculous and snubbed him. For Ronnie however it “was love at first sight, the absolute”. He set out to find her, redeemed himself after their hilarious first encounter (You gotta listen to find out why!) and in no time at all the pair were absolutely smitten. It wasn’t long after that Ronnie and Jo began their life together in sunny LA. The Stones were about to tour their latest album “Some Girls” and Jo, pregnant with their first child tagged along, the first of many tours to come. “I positioned myself half hidden behind an amp and the adrenalin rush was better than the hit of any drug”.

The pair would have 2 children, as well as each having a son from their previous spouses. On their 7 year anniversary Ronnie would pop the question and he and Jo were married in 1985. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Jo took on the role of Ronnie’s tour PA, making her the only Stones wife officially on the payroll.

In the early 90’s Jo would be diagnosed with a perforated appendix. Her battle through this painful period led her to what has become her life’s passion, organic & sustainable living. Jo changed her entire lifestyle, began growing her own organic food and creating wonderful beauty products for herself and friends until one day turning it into a business.

While Jo and Ronnie were passionately in love, Ronnie’s substance abuse and alcoholism would end up ruling their relationship. In 2008 sixty-one year old Ronnie met nineteen year old Katia Ivanova and began an affair. This was a devastating time for Jo, but she turned her pain into progress and began learning how to be on her own. “Now when I look back, the divorce is the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me the woman I am today. Im closer to my kids and I know I’m a better person. I’ve grown up, I’ve become independent, I can look after myself now.” As for her and Ronnie, the pair remain close and spend plenty of time together with their kids and 10 grandchildren!

In 2013 Jo published her fabulous memoirs, “It’s Only Rock n Roll: Thirty Years Married to a Rolling Stone”. The book is filled with fun, often crazy and always fascinating stories from her wild life as well as magnificent descriptions of tour life, something she obviously loved dearly.

You can check out Jo’s website at www.jowoodorganics.com and on twitter @jowoodofficial