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Episode 31: Backstreet Boys (Chanty's Groupie Origins)

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Backstreet Boys Photographed by Tim Roney, 1998

This week’s episode goes waaaaay back. Back to Backstreet’s Back, alright?!

Chanty brings in her friend Henni to discuss the similarities and differences between their obsession and infatuation with the Backstreet Boys. Henni is originally from Finland and is now living in London, England. She is part of a poetry brothel, plays the violin and wrote the theme song for Muses and Stuff!

The girls talk about Max Martin’s gigantic involvement with BSB, why “I Want It That Way” makes no sense (and why they wanted it that way), reminisce about praying to God about a potential future BSB meeting, and the delight we felt when we discovered what happened when you put the Backstreet’s Back CD into your computer…

We talk about why we love the people over at WebFest and what you can expect between May 25th and 27th. Buy your tickets for the Fest if you’re interested in being a part of the online creator community next year or to just come out and see what everyone is up to and join the party!