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Episode 29: Alice Carbone - The Sex Girl

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Alice Carbone's Novel, The Sex Girl, Published 2015

Our guest this week is Kimberley Elyse, a podcaster, innovator and Australian beauty now living in Montreal. She is also Chanty’s “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” friend. This week Chanty, Lynx and Kim discuss the novel “Sex Girl” by Alice Carbone. The girls open up like they haven’t before, taking a page from Alice’s book in hopes that discussing their own struggles with addiction and self-image as well as lessons learned can help heal themselves, as well as others. This episode deals with subject matter which may be triggering to some, so listener discretion is advised.

Chanty discovered the amazing, intelligent, and fiercely honest and courageous Alice Carbone through… a Heartbreaker. Like so many other inspiring women the girls have discovered through the podcasting process, Alice came into their line of vision after they started following her on Instagram though Benmont Tench’s social media. Alice is so much more than the wife of a rock star in one of the biggest bands of all times, she is one of those women healing themselves and others through their art. In Alice’s case, she is healing not only through writing, but through cooking and her honest and lovely social media presence.

This is the first time the girls dive into a novel. Once they were all finished reading, they were curious to know… MORE. All avid readers, the girls started to make connections between the main character K’s struggles and found hope, knowledge and inspiration in Alice’s recovery.

Don’t worry, the girls don’t release any spoilers, so you can pick up a copy of “The Sex Girl” and be totally blown away. You can let the girls know if you agree with their prediction behind character inspiration (Leonard Cohen!?!), learn what it’s like to be a “Sober Groupie”(awesome) and ultimately how to deal with personal trauma and find balance in a world of extremes.

Thank you, Alice. XO