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Episode 28: Pamela & Michael Des Barres - Rock n Roll Marriage & Enduring Friendships

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Pamela and Michael Des Barres Photographed by Richard Creamer

This week is dedicated to our Fairy Godmother, the one who started it all, Pamela Des Barres. Lynx and Chanty are tickled to have an entire episode dedicated to the Queen of the Groupies, the woman who brought them together.  She is a best selling author, writing mentor to many dolls and is still rocking today! She has a amazing clothing line called GroupieU and a new book coming out SO SOON! It’s called Let it Bleed: How to Write a Rockin’ Memoir and you can pre-order it on Amazon today.

This week, the girls discuss Pamela’s second book: Take Another Little Piece of my Heart: A Groupie Grows Up. They talk about Pamela’s meeting, marriage, divorce and everlasting friendship with Michael Des Barres. (Guess what, HE was the Groupie in that meeting- knowing EXACTLY who she was and LOVING her for it!) They touch on themes of the ideal rock and roll romance and marriage, monogamy, polyamory, struggling with addiction, yoga, finding your true self outside of being a rock star’s girlfriend/wife and how much they all love their daddies. Plus! The episode is packed with hilarious tidbits from the time Pamela went out to the movies with Woody Allen, received a call from Barbara Streisand and the time she was invited to Bob Dylan‘s birthday party and danced all night to the jukebox gifted to Bob by Tom Petty, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne!

Michael Des Barres has one of the girls’ favourite social media presences. He is positive, insightful and always wanting to do good and better, meanwhile encouraging others to do the same. Michael is a musician, actor, and host of the Michael Des Barres show on Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM Radio. He is eloquent and inspiring, prompting the girls to deduce that the drugged up, drugged out rock star is not what anyone is looking for in our modern Groupie era. Give us the Enlightened Rock Star, please!

Chanty and Lynx’s Groupie research has led them to so many wonderful people including Michael’s love, Britta who is also doing her part to heal the Earth through wellness and plant science! This episode is the perfect lead into next week’s episode where the girls will get deeper into the world of the addict, the muse and the rock star when they discuss Alice Carbone‘s book Sex Girl. She is another amazing and powerful woman who we discovered through one of our favourite bands… but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear THAT story.

As Pamela and Michael believe, it is so important to stay friends with those people who shaped you to be who you are, and so we would like to say thank you and we love you to our rock and roll lovies, past, present and future for allowing us to grow through what we go through! And as Pamela says, “Hug your ex, dolls!”