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Episode 27: Interview with Miki, The Rock n Roll Psychic

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Lynx and Chanty have the pleasure of sitting down with Miki, a clairvoyant Medium who has been working as a Psychic since the age of 12. She is a highly sought after professional whose client base spans two continents. Miki’s many talents have made her a welcome guest, lecturer, and advisor on radio, television and in numerous newspapers and magazines. These include City TV, The Life Network, Breakfast Television, CBC, CTV News, Global News and CTV Talk Television. She is the only Psychic in the history of print to have a nationally syndicated newspaper column.

The girls met at one of Pamela Des Barres’ legendary writing workshops in Toronto and are gathered here today in the name of friendship, love and Rock and Roll!

They talk about growing your intuition, how it’s okay to be spiritually in tune these days (although John and Yoko were doing it first), opening our minds to something bigger than ourselves, and how psychics have different wrists. Miki explains how she became known as the Rock and Roll Medium, how a Crystal Ball works, why she won’t read children and past life recall. They also talk about the macabreom, ghosts, gorgeous tour buses, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and Steven Tyler.

You can catch Miki at the Toronto Psychic Fair Expo this weekend April 7, 8, 9 at Exhibition Place! Book in for a reading because she always has a line up!

Find Miki at askmiki.ca

on Instagram @ask.miki and on Facebook facebook.com/ask.miki