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Episode 23: Interview with Pleasant Gehman

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Our guest this week is Pleasant Gehman. Crowned the Princess of Hollywood by Rodney Bingenheimer, this Goddess does it all. She’s a writer, actress, musician, tarot reader and alternative healer. It doesn’t stop there. Some of you may already know her as Princess Farhana- Belly Dancer extraordinaire. She is also the source of one of our favourite quotes: “Being a Groupie is like worshipping at the Church of Rock ‘n’ Roll and you are the High Priestess”.

Pleasant tells us exciting and hilarious tales from the LA Punk Scene. This includes how she befriended a then unknown Darby Crash and Pat Smear of The Germs.  She had a wild summer fling with Iggy Pop, and lived at Disgraceland (Punk’s notorious party house with roommates like Belinda Carlisle). She went from ‘zine maker to rock and roll journalist to performer and rock star in her own right, and she’s funny as hell.

We have a discussion about coming out of the Broom closet, how the veil is lifting and swap mutual paranormal experiences. Oh, and Chanty freaks out when she discovers that Pleasant once co-starred in a movie with Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys!!

Listen in to hear the whole story!