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Episode 19: Roxana Shirazi

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Roxana Shirazi is the author of “The Last Living Slut, Born in Iran: Bred Backstage”. She holds a Masters Degree in English and speaks at International Women’s Conferences on the Subject of Gender and Identity. She’s Chanty and Lynx’ first 90’s/ 00’s Groupie and wins the Muses and Stuff Award for Best Chapter Titles in a Groupie book we’ve read so far. For your ultimate listening pleasure, we have a fan-favourite past guest, the one and only, Simeon Hammond-Dallas read out the titles in her beautiful English accent!

Chanty gives a big loving shout-out to her unofficial sponsor of the show, I’m with the Band Headbands! They’re beautiful hand made headbands by a beautiful team of women in LA. IWTBH is everything you could ever imagine a dream Groupie- company being. We love you.

Chanty and Lynx have a lot of laughs in this sexy and outrageous episode. Thank you for listening!