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Episode 115: Interview with Simeon Hammond Dallas

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Photo Courtesy Simeon Hammond Dallas

This week we bring you our conversation with Simeon Hammond Dallas. Simeon is a singer/ songwriter and musician extraordinaire from Camden Town, London.

If Simeon's name or voice sound familiar, it might be because you recognize her from Muses' VERY FIRST EPISODE! You may also have had the good fortune to catch her busking around London, and if you have, consider yourself lucky. Simeon has travelled all over the world playing music, making friends and falling in love. She shares with us how she got started playing music, what getting around California without a car was like, and also discusses her project "Don't Date Boys, Read Books".

Simeon is on the verge of something huge and we are delighted to share our chat with her today. We will all be proud to say that we "knew her back when". Having said that, Simeon is already a huge success and we wanted to celebrate her accomplishments by sharing her story and her music with you, dear listeners. Simeon released her EP Manic Pixie Dreams this year and you can find it wherever you listen to your tunes.

You can find Simeon here https://www.simeonhammonddallas.com/ on Instagram @simeonhammonddallas and Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/683fCYg90AUTt5EjdqAitw?si=jeTd-oy0ThGcgFp8y7QqbA

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