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Episode 109: Brigitte Bardot

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Giancarlo Botti © Gamma Rapho

Chanty presents the story of Brigitte Bardot- Mega Muse, Sex Symbol and Animal Activist.

In this episode, you'll learn about why Bardot was considered the "European Marilyn Monroe", how she got discovered and which events lead to her shooting up to mega star status.

Using Barnet Singer's book Brigitte Bardot: A Biography, Chanty recounts Brigitte's early years as a curious but lonely young girl who once thought of herself as ugly and unintelligent and who became a woman emulated by women around the world. According to Time Magazine "Not since the statue of liberty has a French girl lit such a fire in America", and to this day Brigitte remains a symbol of beauty, a friend to animals, a singer and an actor with more than 40 films to her credit.

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