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Episode 102: Interview with Roxana Shirazi

Photo Courtesy Roxana Shirazi

This week our guest is Roxana Shirazi! She is an author, journalist, lecturer, actress and bad-ass human being with a heart of gold. Roxana is the author of The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage and will be releasing a new book this fall called Dead Iranian Girl.

In this episode we talk about Roxana’s childhood, what it was like to move to England at the age of 10, how she got her start in the rock and roll world and all of the double standards that come along with it. We discuss her surprising and fascinating journalism career (you won’t believe who she has interviewed!), having her first book censored in the UK, Mötley Crües upcoming Netflix movie ‘The Dirt’ and so much more!

Make sure to read all of Roxana’s articles here: www.roxanashirazi.co.uk, buy her book and keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming book in the fall.

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