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Episode 10: Cherry Vanilla

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Cherry Vanilla Photographed By Ray Stevenson, 1977

In this episode Chanty has a sleepy late-night chit chat with her very good, very dear friend Sam Murdock. Sam is rock ‘n’ roll personified, touring with his bands Lesbo Vrouven and Oromocto Diamond for as long as she can remember. His band is so good that even the sound guys buy merch at his shows. His record label, P572 will soon be celebrating its 13th anniversary and we can only hope for an 11th show with Hot Kid.

The Groupie/ Muse of the week is Cherry Vanilla. She was a writer for Creem magazine, a sexy rock ‘n’ roll DJ during the Vietnam War and David Bowie’s uber publicist. She got bit by the rock ‘n’ roll bug after having a conversation with Dean Martin at the age of 9 and had her first rock ‘n’ roll scorn with Burton Cummings on a tour bus. Other things you’ll learn this episode include why you should probably change your name if you talk about sexy things on the air and that Cherry once had a standoff with Patti Smith to sleep with Kris Kristofferson.

Listen carefully to catch Sam utter the words “nice perfect adult passionate fun”… and you’ll be surprised to find out who he is referring to. Okay… it’s his best friend, Seb.