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CMW Bonus Episode: Interview with Megan Nadin

Photo Courtesy Megan Nadin

By a beautiful trick of fate, Chanty and Megan were sitting beside each other at a Canadian Music Week panel and it was love at first sight! It is our pleasure to introduce you to singer/ songwriter Megan Nadin!

Megan is from Thunder Bay Ontario and has been making and performing her beautiful music after a life changing trip. We ask her all about it, as well as what music inspired her growing up and how she finds inspiration today in her creations.

Speaking of inspiring, Megan shares divine tips on how to glide through this life, conquering your fears and being the best human possible. We can’t wait to watch Megan grow as an artist, and hopefully she will be in Nashville the same time as us (because she goes there often to write and record!)

We see big things on the horizon!

You can listen to Megan’s music here:


Find her on Facebook and check out her super inspiring Instagram @megannadin