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CMW Bonus Episode: Interview with 54-40

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

54-40 Photographed by Matt Barnes

It’s a first for Brad and Dave of 54-40– their first podcast interview!

Brad, Dave, Chanty and Lynx chat about their favourite podcasts, what radio stations they’re listening to and how social media has changed the way fans interact with their favourite bands. The million dollar question is: Do we really need to know what Dan Mangan had for lunch?

The guys tell the story about the time they fanned-out or rather, Groupie-d out with Ron Wood and divulge the story behind the song “One Gun”- inspired by the bad-ass social activist Geanine who also happens to be married to Neil.

It’s no surprise that these guys have had such an enduring career- they’re the real deal. Their music is not only classic and relevant, but they are genuinely kind and lovely fellas.

You can look for their upcoming album “Keep on Walking” available in June and catch them on tour this July, we will be!