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Bonus Episode: Interviews with Vissia & Fxrrvst

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Vissia photographed by Emily Bachynski / Fxrrvst photographed by Roann Cordova

This week Chanty and Lynx do an interview with two Canadian bands making incredible strides in the music scene.

Alex Vissia and her band VISSIA are on tour right now all the way from Edmonton, Alberta to promote their incredible new album Place Holder. Chanty had the opportunity to see them live on this leg of the tour and was blown away song after song. We talk about growing up in a small town, where her inspiration for writing comes from, her new record label she runs with her partner called Hurry Hard Records and more!

You can find Alex and her band on tour here:


And on Instagram @vissia_3

Find Hurry Hard Records here:


FXRRVST (pronounced Forrest) is made up of Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes, 2 musicians who really give a care about the environment! Their bio reads: “The fast emerging Toronto based duo…whose devotion to each other is seconded only by their shared commitment to crafting ridiculously catchy, super-emotive alt-rock. Also to saving the planet.” Awww!

You can find them online at www.fxrrvst.net and on Instagram @fxrrvst