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Episode 101: Tara Browne

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Tara and Nicky Browne Photographed for Vogue by Michael Cooper, 1966

“He was the living, breathing quintessence of Swinging London, a dandy with the air of a young prince. The hippest of hip cats, he always seemed to be right on the heartbeat of the moment in everything he did, whether introducing Paul McCartney to the mind-expanding possibilities of LSD in his Mayfair flat, turning heads in his psychedelically coloured AC Cobra or gadding about Londons West End with a Beatle or Rolling Stone, or perhaps Peter Sellers or Roman Polanski by his side.” - Paul Howard

This week we bring you the life story of Guinness heir turned ’60’s muse Tara Browne. Born into Irish aristocracy, Tara’s upbringing was anything but normal. Surrounded by some of the worlds most famous writers, artists, and politicians, Tara spent his childhood absorbing culture and learning by experience. By 14, Tara was already influencing those around him, always ahead of everyone else when it came to music, fashion and fast cars. When Tara moved to London he became a central figure in the Swinging London scene, bringing people like Paul McCartney, Brian Jones, Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg together with fellow socialites, muses and influencers. Tara’s life would be a short one, but his influence on the 60’s and those around him would shape the culture forever.

Make sure to check out Paul Howard’s biography on Tara, I Read the News Today Oh Boy:The Short and Gilded Life of Tara Browne, The Man Who Inspired The Beatles' Greatest Song.